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Charting API for Financial Markets - JavaScript (SVG)

A brief about the released version of this API is available here.

As a part of the last semester of my graduation program (Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology), I have been interning with a start-up, namely uTrade Solutions.  uTrade™ Solutions is a financial trading technology company with various products including multi-asset trading platform, algorithms and analytics. Instead of walking through my experience of working in a start-up, I would directly move to a short discussion about my project. 

uTrade Solutions is working to develop a financial analytics portal and every financial analytics portal employs the use of advanced charting. To draw and display different types of charts on the web, there are two main options which are widely used and acknowledged. Namely, Adobe Flash and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) . 
Using Adobe Flash has two main disadvantages: It requires the installation of an additional plugin to run content on the browser.It is not compatible with a…

X.Org Developer Conference (XDC2012) - A Nuremberg Experience

X.Org Foundation Board of Directors organizes and sponsors annually this conference which brings together developers working on different parts of X. The X.Org Developer Conference (XDC2012) was held from 19th to 21st September in N├╝rnberg (Nuremberg), Germany. The event was hosted by SUSE at their company headquarters in Nuremberg. 
A detailed schedule of the conference and all related content/videos can be found over here. Being an EVOC student, I was lucky enough to have been sponsored the trip and present a talk on my project/ work done over the summer. This post is mainly be about my experience rather than a summary covering everything important that happened during the conference.
skipping the initial travel
The trip started off with my flight landing at the Nuremberg Airport from where I took a taxi to my hotel. The airport resides in the outskirts of the city and is lovely ride through farms and green patches in to the city. I had reserved a room in The Azimut Hotel.
The Azimut…