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Nouveau Summer Project - Progress Update

This is a summary of all the proceedings related to my project on Nouveau. The start was a little bumpy due to some bugs and incompatibilities with Ubuntu. After spending quite some time to fix things I decided it was better to shift to Arch rather than spending anymore time on it. It took over a day and many reinstalls to get the base system up and running. Then the xorg server was setup and nouveau was installed. This got a basic window system running. It was followed by a git clone of PDAEMON + envytools which was then compiled and successfully run on Arch system. Things worked perfectly on Arch and I would be posting a tutorial on how to install Arch on a usb stick because I find the official documentation not so friendly to newbies.
Designing and implementing a PDAEMON to Host communication was my first objective. I planned to work on it in C. I started off with a basic implementation of the  command submission. From there I made incremental modifications improving and testing i…