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Nouveau Summer Project : The End and The Beginning

The following are the IRC nicks of two Nouveau contributors without whom I wouldn't be where I am and none of this would be possible. I could never thank them enough for keeping up with my noobness. Thanks guys!

mupuf : Martin Peres  
Email: |

mwk : Marcin Koƛcielnicki
Email: |

The end and the beginning refers to two things, the end of the X.Org EVOC program and the beginning of a new Nouveau contributor. The experience till now has proved to massive learning opportunity, at the same time rewarding as I was able to actually implement code and obtain results. I started off as someone who was completely alien to such low-level programming and have grown to be someone who actually loves it more than the stuff he used to do. My student life began as web-developer, engaging in which gave instant results and was hugely motivating at every step to progress further. It has been a long journey from there to where …

Nouveau Summer Project : Pdaemon -> Host & Fermi Scripting Engine

I had known and was warned that once I start working on this, there will not be a definitive end. I guess after some time you need to put a stop, just so that you can move on to the next phase. This post will mark the end of X.Org EVOC program and begin my journey as a Nouveau contributor.  The second phase of the program has been a rather complex one and filled with unexpected hurdles.  
Many changes had to be introduced to command submission algorithm, that we had thought was fit to be implemented. The new implementation after testing proved to work almost completely bug-free.

Probably the most glaring difference would be the omission of 'memcpy' and 'wrap_around' functions.
The 'memcpy' performed a simple a task of copying a fixed length of data from a given location to another specified destination. It took three arguments, namely source, destination and length. This simple function however had a very basic problem. It did not account for the wrapping arou…